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Hongsheng Denture Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Huaguang Oral Equipment Group Co., LTD., one of Pine Investment. It is a denture manufacturing enterprise integrating production, research and development, sales, distribution and training. Chengdu Hongsheng denture was established in 2016, is the first batch of Sichuan denture processing enterprises certified by ISO13485 world standard, Shenzhen Hongsheng denture was established in 2021!

Hongsheng dentures provides the world's diversified implant-brand system supported covering dentures, segmental dentures and implant-fixed dentures. It takes the lead in the development of edentulous all-on-4 and all-on-6 Bridges in southwest China. At present, it applies digital guide plate and PICK-UP technology to carry out immediate loading for edentulous patients. With its advantages of high efficiency and precision, it has cooperated with clinical development of tens of thousands of successful cases. At present, it has independently developed the combined guide plate which is suitable for clinical bone grafting and gingival penetration. Has an independent aesthetic repair center, fine drill smile aesthetics and maxillography, by the focus on oral repair technology for more than 10 years of aesthetic repair senior technicians set up, career career are high-end repair girder carrier. They have participated in many international and domestic technical training, and have obtained the design and production of ivoclar vivadent veneer and indenter, the application of VITA, vm9 effect porcelain and Dentsply love porcelain powder, the design and production of DSD smile aesthetic design and MOCK-UP aesthetic effect wax, etc., truly realizing personalized aesthetic restoration. Fine and fine. The company introduced the KAVA electronic face bow, fully adjustable jaw frame, and gradually replaced the traditional jaw frame with the average slip jaw frame, in order to pursue the aesthetic + maxillary double standard! The company cooperated with the Sichuan West China oral experts and professors to successfully carry out dozens of cases of overall solutions for maxillary reconstruction, has absolute strength and experience to carry out overall solutions for maxillary reconstruction!

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